Video can ignite a relationship with the viewer, and that’s where my passion lies.
One video can create a lifetime donor, or a complete convert to your cause, or sales numbers that impress even your most resistant VP. Do I not have the best job ever?!

Imagine this scenario: The CEO is late for the interview…
Weeks of careful planning mean our skilled and utterly prepared crew is ready, just waiting to act when he shows up. We need to generate content in 24hrs for three videos for the company’s global Intranet system – and by the time the CEO shows up, he only has fourteen minutes for shooting. Period..

And we got it done…
Later, my HR contact said that we captured the most relaxed footage of this CEO she’d ever seen.

That’s what years of colouring in the lines as a child has created…
A creative thinker who thrives when given boundaries and limitations.

I absolutely adored coloring books as a kid. Starting out with a black and white page, I would pick my colors, line up the selected crayons and meticulously create the image that was forming in my head. If I happened to color outside the lines, I threw the page away.

As an adult, my creativity thrives within boundaries. I don’t sit around waiting for airy-fairy inspiration. When given a video project that needs to be THIS long, needs to incorporate THIS image, wording, or speaker and needs to be shot in between THESE meetings, hitting THESE targets I am inspired.

Structure is the container that sparks my creativity. To me, that’s the meaning of “doing more with less”: it’s not fewer choices that lead to the most powerful outcomes, but rather the educated choices that yield the best results.

I’m thinking about your project when I wake up in the morning and when I fall asleep at night. Not because I’m a gal without a life, but because it is my passion.

The magic happens when I have a client with the passion to share a story, a dedicated, experienced crew and a clear goal.

One recent client was a private school that needed to raise $19 million toward their campus renewal. Combining the client’s communication skills with the storytelling abilities of the scriptwriter allowed us to craft video content compelling enough that our client met their fundraising goal 6 months ahead of schedule. With that extra time, the school commissioned a second video raising $9 million more. Video converts!

When I bring together crews who have a wealth of experience and we work with talented clients who know what they want, that’s where the joy and the success happen together. Production is a process of give and take, and sparks fly when the most talented, experienced and creative people get together in the room. I make those sparks fly; I gather those people, and I bring that skilled production team to you.

If you want to make more money, attract more customers, build your list and have a good time making videos, you’ve got the right woman.

Bonus? Our clients report off-shoot benefits while working with Chockablock. Employee engagement and self-confidence rises, home-grown “stars” emerge and communication between departments deepens. I am so proud of that!