Hello, and welcome to the Chockablock Media Community!

Each week I’ll be sharing strategies and best practices gathered during my 20 + years in media and digital content creation.
I’ve met so many smart people during that time, so expect guests who are experts, industry insiders, and a few extra surprises.

Learning and grasping new concepts are a couple of the big joys in my life.
So let’s have some fun, share a laugh, and make better videos together….

BTW: If you missed it in your “Welcome” email, here’s my first gift to you again, as thanks for becoming part of the gang here. It’s a collection of on-camera strategies, for looking and sounding good, that are sure to serve you well!

You can also download the PDF here.


Video converts… Period.
So whether you own a micro biz, or a medium-sized company, maybe you work in marketing and communications in a global company…Whatever sized business you have or work in, I will help you create targeted awesome video content that you are proud of.

Video helps you reach your targets, so let’s do it well.

Thank you!